If you use data, you need Methodicate Beta

Methodicate is a revolutionary platform for today's researcher that automatically keeps a version history of your projects and provides a channel for real-time collaboration, getting you to your publication faster.

Automatic version tracking

Captures the history of your project and the evolution of your thought process.

fits into your workflow

Whatever programs you use in your research, Methodicate is compatible with them.

collaboration in real time

Your collaborators will always be up to date, with their feedback logged in one place and versioned.

Research is hard work, but not all the work you do is necessary.

Your job as a researcher is to conduct quality research. To do this, you must also document your work, communicate it regularly with collaborators, incorporate their feedback, AND keep track of this iterative process that can stretch on for years. The burden is huge and often results in work that is error-prone, unreproducible, and intransparent.

The problem is that we chronically underestimate the importance - and the difficulty - of managing the research process. By eliminating these inefficiencies through a collaborative, user-friendly platform, Methodicate’s vision is to make researchers’ lives easier while accelerating the pace of innovation and discovery.

We're scientists, too


Methodicate is being developed by researchers from the University of Oxford and RWTH Aachen University